New post every Monday! Today = Adam Levine

OHHHHH Yeaahhhhh!! I quit my job!

It has been a really fast and weird year. My new years resolution to write more went nowhere, but like almost every year, I get shaken up more over my birthday than new years. I am almost thirty now (I turned 29 on May 16th). For that reason, I decided to quit the part-time job. It was an awesome job with great people where I didn’t have to do anything challenging. It was a job I should have been doing during college or after graduation, not at the age of almost thirty. I will miss the job, as well as the steady paycheck, but I am convinced that I can make my living writing and giving tours.

Sport Zone, where I used to work in San Diego
Sport Zone, where I used to work in San Diego

I am doing full-time freelance writing again. And to push myself into doing it more, every Monday I will be posting here in my own blog. My target is also to write more for the San Diego Reader and to get a cover before July. After a year and a half of writing for them, I am being included into the special issues (almost monthly). I have been published on the food section as well (Feast!) which opens the possibilities to more writing.

Tacotopia! Special issue about tacos!
Tacotopia! Special issue about tacos!
Reader travel section
Reader travel section

For more of my articles on the Reader, click here!

I also intent to have way more Tijuana Adventures. I have been having a couple of them every month and the popularity of my tours grows. I plan to have a tour every Saturday from 2-8 pm for $40 to four different breweries and two Baja-Med food stops. The tour includes a flight of beers on each brewery or a full pour. More details about that soon.

Random Tj adventure
Random Tj adventure

Exactly one year ago, I was freelance writing and organizing the Tijuana Rumble Fest, one of the toughest things I have done in my life. I am glad to say that this year, TRF will happen again (on a different date, obviously). However, I will no longer take a huge roll like I did last year, this time, I am spectating and helping with little things.

And a bit about my personal life…

I spent most of the year dating a gorgeous girl, but we were rarely together. I had the audacity to break-up with the prettiest girl I have ever dated. So I am single again….

My ex-girlfriend was in love with Adam Levine, so in her honor, here are my encounters with the singer/judge.

The first two are from March 15, 2009 from what I can tell from the file, because I do not remember that day at all. He arrived American Airlines and they snuck him through the elevator to the arrivals floor where a limousine was waiting.

Adam Levine arrives with a cup of Java Adam Levine arrives with a cup of Java

This other set is from September 8th, 2009 and I remember how it happened. Adam had a departure (probably to JFK) at 3:00 pm, so I arrived at 1 pm to wait for him. As I approached American Airlines first class, I spotted a really cute looking girl sitting by where I usually sat (it was a perfect spot to see celebrities coming out of their limos). I sit nearby with my cameras hidden as I am awed by her beauty. I find the courage to say something… and she tells me she is a model and she is waiting for someone. I also tell her that I am waiting for someone, so we sat next to each other for a couple of minutes without exchanging any more words.

A limo approaches and Adam comes out. The girl next to me stands up excitedly and runs over to him. I thought she was a fan or something, but no, she hugs him and kisses on the lips. It was Adam’s girlfriend, Angela Bellotte….
Adam Levine and his girlfriend departAdam Levine and his girlfriend depart Adam Levine and his girlfriend depart Adam Levine and his girlfriend depart

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