From West LA to Tijuana – From West Philly to Bel Air (Alfonso Ribeiro)

I’m still not sure how I ended up in Tijuana, I’m still not sure how I ended up being a writer.

My days in Tijuana are mostly a blur and just like that, it’s been 2 years and a half in this city. TijuanaAdventure is about to become 1 year old. It’s been a year since I ventured down to El Bordo to help document deportees with the Frenchman of

I’m not sure what I’m doing as a writer, but it’s working. Just when I was getting discourage about being a writer, BAM! 4 publications in the San Diego Reader on a row (3 of them one day after the other). A diverse group of articles all in Tijuana:

1. A dance project from New York in Tj.
2. A new punk festival.
3. Deported US Military veterans in Tj.
4. Baseball field in Zona Norte where kids score international home runs.

I’m not sure what I’m doing in Tijuana, the desire to travel is strong. Though I love Tijuana, I feel completely stuck in here and need to get on a plane as soon as a possible. That’s why I am inspired to keep writing more, maybe find a part time job, find more guitar gigs and do more tours. At least Tijuana Adventure is growing by itself and I have a couple of tours lined up in the next days.

I need a vacation pronto, not anywhere new, but places that I’ve called home before. I have three choices:
1. Los Angeles would be the easiest choice, but not the best one. It would be cheap to get there, but expensive to enjoy a couple of days. I could stretch it up to San Francisco if  the money is good.
2.Querétaro would be the cheapest and a guarantee relax/fun rest for me. Maybe I can visit Guadalajara if the money is good.
3. Minneapolis because of an old love interest and to reminiscence my days in college. But is a risky choice of just spending a week in the cold tundra. I can visit Michigan if the money is enough.

I’m sure any of them will remind me why I live in Tijuana and will give me perspective on what to do next. Traveling the world plans will come later as I try to make my living as moldable to any scenario possible to be able to be anywhere with any concerns.

As for this webpage, I get many readers thanks to my clever SEO. Some people search for “Donald Faison’s dick” and they find my post about him and Bob Saget. The rest of the people that come here, I have no idea what they do so. But the few that send me encouraging messages, I truly appreciate it.

Now, I’m sure there’s not that many people looking for Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) pictures, but I’ve been obsessed with Fresh Prince of Bel Air and he is the only person I saw from that show. I never saw Will Smith, but I’ve heard he was a great guy. I did see Jada, Jaden, and Willow, but they weren’t in the Fresh Prince so I’m not going to bother looking up their pictures.

Also, I grew up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air in Spanish which is called “El Principe del Rap” and it sounds like this:

Most the jokes are translated to fit a different narrative. Binge watching all the seasons of Fresh Prince made me realize how genius this show really is and not only a shitty comedy.

Alfonso Ribeiro at LAX with his daughter on April 8th, 2009.

Alfonso and his daughter in LAX Alfonso and his daughter in LAX Alfonso and his daughter in LAX

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