Feel like giving up: Justin Bieber and the hate culture

It’s been a confusing month.

It’s been a confusing year.

These are very confusing times.

It was only a couple of years back when Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and more where just little rich kids running around Hollywood and I was chasing behind them (weird…) Now they do crazy different shit and people hate them. I mean, they truly hate them. Without even knowing them or even coming close to them, they despise them. Then we all act surprised when a celebrity kills themselves. It seems like celebrity culture will never evolved since it happens to all idols through the decades.

“Celebrities! They are just like US! They kill themselvesl!” I wish US magazine had an honest headline from time to time. And I do not mean to disrespect Robin Williams, I am a huge fan of most of his work. Though I never saw him in person, I heard from fellow paparazzi that he was always nice, kinda weird, but super funny. But people think it’s funny to say things like “Wish it was Kim Kardashian that died instead of Robin Williams.” Fucking hipster hating culture saying shit for the sake of spewing words.

Robin Williams, thanks for Jumanji. That was the first movie I saw twice in the theaters in my life when I was 9.

I received plenty of hate on my direction. But not even 1% of the hate Justin Bieber receives on a daily basis. It was even a clue on Jeopardy “President Obama received over 1,000 signatures to deport this Canadian pop star” – who is Bieber. Is it seriously worth your time to hate someone? Can you just ignore him? If you are going to hate, leave it to the experts, because all of you are doing it wrong.

Bieber’s music is horrid. We can all agree on that (except teenage girls, but their opinions are meaningless). But to me, he was just some normal Canadian kid with luck playing a game that he doesn’t even understand. His bodyguards were dicks, the airport handlers were bitchy, but Bieber… he was just having fun. I saw him a few times and when I won the game, most the time he would just give up and let his picture get taken. Only once he was quicker than me, outran me and I couldn’t get a picture.

Because I know all of you wanted to see some Bieber pictures, here he is in all of his magnificent little lesbian kid like glory.
January 27, 2010 February 14, 2011 March 26, 2010 JB December 13, 2011 December 13, 2011 JB
Pictures taken in 2010 and 2011. He is probably much more of a dick now… but seriously, what did you expect?!

Now me. The SanDiegoRed stopped publishing me because they could not afford outside writers anymore and at the same time the SDReader rejected a couple of my articles. Like everyone in the world at some point, I have felt like giving up. Just flush my dreams down the toilet and go back to slave work. But a friend asked me… “What do you think you will be doing next year?”

The future is highly volatile, but I do believe I will be doing what I am doing for the next couple of years. The real question is what am I doing? I decided to freelance everything I do, but I’ve only been writing, the rest of my jobs are basically on hold. As a writer I have leaped over a lot of steps, so it is time to ride on the comfortable position I am in and get side income.

Tijuana Adventure turns 1 year old at the end of August and that business venture has grown by itself. I’ve had a few tours through the year but not enough to really count it as a side income. Tijuana Adventure also has an Instagram account now and I’m changing the angle of the tours and the website in general. Event promoter, Caliblablabla, will be helping with some adventures.

Besides that, I need to get back to all other things I like to do, music and photography.

I will be offering music lessons and pursuing students again. Location, prices and schedules to be announced later. Hopefully, I’ll get more paid gigs in restaurants and/or weddings.

I will be needing a better camera than just my iPad mini for photography work, this will take more time but will get back to being the photographer I once was.

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