Happy Birthday Megan Fox! Thanks for destroying my childhood

I don’t give a shit about Megan Fox, much less now that fucking Michael Bay cast her as April O’Neil. I know, I know…Megan Fox is hot, but there are a lot of better looking women with much more talent than her. And for TMNT they didn’t even try to make her look similar to what she looks like in the cartoon. Why didn’t they cut her hair and dye it the right color?! Anyway, rant over…. the reason I mention Megan Fox’s birthday is because we were born in the exactly the same day.

I’m 28 today and so is she. I told her this one day at LAX on August 7th, 2009. Megan and Brian were arriving from a flight on terminal 3 and they crossed the bridge to the parking lot (trying to be sneaky, but LAX was my territory and it was hard to get past me). Another rookie photographer was there, he didn’t get any good pictures since Bryan was not cooperating and neither was Megan.

Before they got into the town car I started telling her that we were born on the exact same day. I simply blurted out “we have the exact same birthdate! May 16th, 1986!” She just looked at me confused (but at least I got her to uncover her face for a picture). The airport handler, who was a friend of mine, got in the car with them (tsk tsk… guess where paparazzi get the tips). I saw him later that day at the horrible excuse of food court that LAX has and told me that Megan commented on the stuff I said and she told the handler that she thought I was making it up.

That was five years ago. Both me and Megan were the same age, one behind the camera, the other just walking around being hot. Now a days I don’t do that job anymore and I couldn’t be happier, while she is still doing her “job” and with the help of Michael Bay she is destroying my childhood.

Here are the pictures of that day:
Megan Fox and Brian arrive together Megan Fox and Brian arrive together Megan Fox and Brian arrive together

I saw her many times before this. Once she was already through LAX security and I got far away pictures that you could barely tell it was her, this was in June 4th, 2008. I wasn’t a good photographer, she wasn’t that famous.
june 4 2008

I saw her in Hollywood several times. From what I remember, she used to drive a black Mercedes Benz with tinted windows and lived closed to Zac Efron on Woodrow Wilson Drive off of Mulholand Drive.

But enough about her and now it’s about me.

I never cared much for birthday celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my birthday, people tend to be super nice and I appreciate everyone that takes a second off of their life to congratulate me. But I simply don’t enjoy the pressure to have a good birthday, much like I don’t like New Years. This time it’s on a Friday and I have nothing planned (I never do). I can guarantee something, I’ll be out in downtown Tijuana in my favorite eateries and drinkeries. Want to join me? You could through Tijuana Adventure!

It’s been a bit over 2 years since I moved to TJ out of necessity because I didn’t want to work ever again and I had no money. Now I work everyday, but it doesn’t feel like it. My writing career took off and now I’m making as much money as I was when I was taking pictures of celebrities. Besides freelance writing for several sources, I’m getting paid guitar gigs. Soon I will be able to purchase a camera and get more work there. BUT besides all of this…. TRF!!!!


I’m one of the main organizers for TRF. I can add that to my resume of things I do with my freelance life. Like a dream come true, I got offered to create a perfect festival with no investment. TRF was just a tiny idea by a friend of mine (Danger David) and it suddenly became a huge team of people working for a common goal of throwing the best party of 2014 (and many years to come).

May 31st, save the date. This festival is going to be amazing.

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