The last day as a paparazzo: Going full freelance

It seems forever ago when I decided to quit my job as a staff writer for Soccerly and went full freelance, but that was only 8 months ago. The idea was to combine all my talents and work many different jobs. Many said it would be impossible to do all of them at once, now I’m doing it, and I’m going crazy…

As a writer, I’m still getting published by the same sources, which gives me some stability. I feel like I won the lottery back in February when I started translating and ghostwriting for a website (more about that later).

As a guitarist, I’m getting more playing time as a soloist. I’m working on an album with a drummer on a project we’re calling Donkey Chow (for now). Hopefully soon I’ll be playing bass with the jazz band as well.

As a photographer, I’m still not doing much, because I don’t have gear. But that will change soon.

As a tour guide, Tijuana Adventure is going great and growing by itself as a business. I barely have time for it, soon I’ll be hiring some people (which is crazy, maybe I’ll hire an assistant).


On top of all that. I’m also organizing a festival. I’m a big part of a team that is helping Tijuana Rumble Fest to happen. In fact, I’m in charge of that website (and many other things). This festival is happening, it’s going to be huge and it’s taking a lot of my time. Save the date for TRF, May 31st from noon to 5:00 am, 29 bands from California are invited. Tijuana Adventure is sponsoring (amongst many other major sponsors).

For the first time in my life I have to keep a schedule and check it constantly to see what my week is going to be like. And somehow I still spent hours on end playing the new expansion of Diablo III (which has been a major distraction from actual work).

Doing all my these jobs at once is something I never thought I would be doing in my life. Finding myself as a full-time freelance of pretty much whatever I feel like is awesome. Quitting the paparazzi life is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. To commemorate that… here are the pictures of the last day of work I have on my hard drive.

All pictures were taken on April 6th of 2011. Ten different celebrities, around 500 shutter clicks and almost no money made. Being a pap is not worth it.

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