I’m so busy but all I want to do is watch House of Cards: Robin Wright at LAX.

So much work, so little time. Or maybe I’m just lazy. 2014 started out slow with my articles getting rejected so I started to look for more gigs everywhere. But after many rejections, sources started publishing me again and work started to pour in. Suddenly, it was February and I found myself overwhelmed by work to the point I didn’t want to do any at all.

I have had so many ideas for articles, Tijuana Adventure has been growing with more interest on it every day, I translated a dating website into Spanish, strangers are getting in contact with me offering stories, also gotten requests from my clients and on top of that, I finally played guitar on the street. Here are the articles I published on 2014, some of them made it into print:

San Diego Reader = Large MuralLa MaguanaAntiYouMarihuana
San Diego Red = Tacos VariosDrugs
B1Mas4 = Marihuana


I have performed in many places, hotel lobbies, weddings, restaurants, cafes, on stage at my university, etc. But I have never performed on the street. It was for a farmer’s market that sets every Saturday in Old Town San Diego. I played for three hours, made $40 from the event organizer and $35 on tips. A friend from the RockinJazzBigBand loaned me his PA system for amplification so the whole block could hear me playing. At some point during my performance I gathered a crowd of over 20 people and some were recording me play. That felt pretty new.

But playing for three hours with the blaring sun right on top, took a toll on me. I felt sick, stopped working and watched the whole first season of House of Cards (and now that the second season is out… I can’t stop).

I’m finding a balance between being a freelance writer and musician. But there’s still much more to add. Soon I’ll have a camera and I’m sure I’ll have photography gigs. And let’s not forget the jazz band, my experimental band and my own business.

So much to do, so instead I’ll just go back to watching House of Cards.

With that show in mind. I never saw Kevin Spacey back in my paparazzo days, but I did see Robin Wright. Both times I took her pictures was late at night in LAX. I have no memory of our interactions. Judging from the pictures, she seemed ok with it the first time I saw her when she was departing and she wasn’t happy to see me the second time when arriving. Nonetheless, her work in House of Cards is amazing and I can’t wait to keep on watching the show.

Robin Wright at LAX:

MAS_0003 MAS_0005 MAT_7388 MAT_7413

These pictures were taken on November 14, 2009. She was still married to Sean Penn who is publicly known to dislike paparazzi (he punched a friend of mine in my first week of the job). I also shot Vanessa Hudgens, Viggo Mortensen, Jody Lynn O’Keefe, Carla Gugino and Ashlee Simpson that day.

MAT_6324 MAT_6350 MAT_6382

These were taken a month after on her arrival flight on December 16th, 2009. She didn’t seem to happy to see me. I also got Sam Worthington, Oliver Stone and Drew Carey that day.

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