A Poem for Snoop; Here_Comes_The_King is on Reddit once more

A Poem for Snoop; Here_Comes_The_King is on Reddit once more

  • This time Snoop Lion was on Reddit to read his favorite submitted Christmas stories. Top comment is a poem which is must impressive. And thus my first Reblog on my page. Snoop is one of the nicest celebrities I had the pleasure to photograph and now he spreads his cheer on Reddit and beyond.

I saw Snoop several times, but for some reason I only have one set of pictures in my hard drive. This picture was taken on August 25, 2010. Yes, he is wearing a hat with a shape of a dog and his shoe laces are untied.

snoop dogg



Whilst wandering a Christmas day

(Adrift in dreams of far away),

I came across a man who wore

A dozen hats, or maybe more –

‘Good morrow, friend!’ I called and tipped

My cap to which the other dipped

His own in some distinguished stoop,

And said a single, gracious…




With knitted brow and nervous smile

I pondered his reply a while,

Which made, it seemed, no sense to me

(Or you, I’m sure that you’ll agree ) –

And so I smiled and tipped my hat

Again, and cried: ‘well, fancy that!

You’ll never guess – it seems I heard

Instead of your reply a word

Nonsensical and quite absurd!’


I laughed aloud (alone) before

The silence stretched a moment more.

My hopeful grin began to droop –

The man returned a single…




‘I see,’ said I…

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