Apparently Innocent Miley Cyrus Did Some Controversial Shit

It’s so weird to see everyone talking about Miley on the VMAs and what she did during her live show. Everyone on my facebook, reddit and other internet sites I frequent can’t stop talking about it. I haven’t seen the video, but the screen caps are enough to tell me what she did. But how can sweet innocent Miley do all these things? I remember back in 2009 when she used to be a sweet teenage girl that everyone admired.

I’m kidding, even back in the day you could tell she didn’t care. She was still underage, yet I assure you there was a lot of drinking, sex and more partying in her house. She didn’t hide from the paparazzi back then, it was a free for all. There was a team of Brazilians that sat in a black jeep. They sat outside her house 24/7 because people would come out from her house at 3 a.m… you never knew what could happen. Miley also rarely wore underwear, and pictures of her private parts were taken, not on purpose, but because she simply didn’t care. None (or most) these pictures never saw the light of the day, since she was still underage. But it is no surprise that now that she’s “of age” she’s doing all the crazy sexual stuff, she’s been doing it since before, but they kept it semi-hidden before.

My memories of Miley are great and I’m so glad I’m not in the loop because seeing her now a days seem like such a pain. At a certain point of my LA life I’m a pretty sure I was a friend of the legit Miley Cyrus on facebook. A car with four teenage looking girls came out of her house once at around 7 a.m. while I was waiting inside my car a block away from Miley’s place. They approached my car and chatted me up, told me that there was a huge party the night before. I gave them my business card and they left. Several more cars left with more teenagers that seemed to be hung over through out the morning. Next thing you know, the girls that I gave my card too are giving me tips of where Miley was going to be next and they added me on facebook. I found the real Miley through them, added her and she accepted. I was too scared to post, like or message her at all. Her posts were legit, I would see a self picture she would take at a mirror, hours later pictures of her with the same outfit in the street would appear in celebrity blogs.Two months later, she disappeared from my facebook, most likely I got blocked.

Now a days, I have no idea what is going on with her. Last thing I knew about her was that she got a really short haircut, and since then I’ve been out of the loop. Now I see everyone talking about her and the VMA performance. Instead of bothering with the new Miley, here is what she used to be like when I was a paparazzo. She was extremely nice at first, towards the end she got tired of it and started hating it. I assume that she hates it more than ever now and is probably a pain to get her picture.

My best of Miley Cyrus:

Miley saved me from going broke in 2009. On December of 2008, the agency I was working for told me I had been laid off due to the economic crisis. I went solo and a month later the same agency that had laid me off, was buying my pictures via freelance. Money did not come right away and I suspected that the agency dabbled with the numbers to pay me less than my 60% commission. But I did get paid for several Miley shots that I saw every where. She was one of the few people I actually enjoy seeing and shooting. It was an easy gig, you showed up by her house and she would come out and smile for everyone.

Miley on bike
This was on January 14th of 2009. I went to Miley’s place early in the morning, the Brazilian 24/7 car was there as well as several others. There was no action until late in the afternoon, most of the paps were gone except the Brazilian patrol, a pregnant paparazza chick and me. She came out by herself and took a short ride around the block and gave us a perfect set of pictures. I saw mine everywhere, but I was outshot by the pregnant paparazza who worked for a different agency and was a better photographer than me back then. Still, I saw the picture printed in several sources, I don’t think I got more than $1,000 for it.

February 27 2009Miley bike

Realizing that she likes to go on random bike rides in the afternoon, I showed up to her place in case I saw it again. The great thing about going to Miley’s is that so many celebrities lived right by her house. Steve Carrell’s house was the opposite corner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Haylie and Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and more all live in the same vicinity. Another great thing is that Miley’s neighbor had an open wi-fi that was pretty damn fast. I would go to her place to edit and send pictures from my car. The pictures above are from February 27, 2009. I was editing pictures of Haylie Duff taking out the trash (yep, how awesome) and that’s when Miley came out with whoever her boyfriend was back then.

This time the bike ride was more extensive and everyone followed in their cars. The set is of more than 200 pictures of her riding around her neighborhood with more than thirty paparazzi following behind. The winning picture however, was one that no one else got but me. Once she entered the house, everyone went back to their cars to be the first ones to upload the pictures online, but I kept shooting for one more frame. I yelled thanks Miley, and she turned around and said bye. That picture was the one I saw in several blogs and printed in magazines, the rest of the paps also got great pictures. Since there were so many of us, again, I didn’t make more than $1,000.

April 3rd BG me and Miley

Well, the first picture I didn’t take it, since I’m in the background. I remember seeing it on a website and saved it for myself. And yes, it looks like she’s saying “fuck off” but she was more than nice that day.

The second picture, however is mine and it was the winner picture that day since I saw it on and the magazine. My first picture I ever sold to People! That’s a magazine that paid nicely for paparazzi pictures and I finally remember making more than $1,000 for a single lucky picture.

That day on April 3rd, I wasn’t even working on Miley, I was on Zac Efron. However, Zac learned an easy way to avoid being followed, he would go into the studio and then just leave from one of the 7 different exits the studio has, making it really hard to follow him. I gave up and was going back for a lunch break, when I spotted Miley’s boyfriend from back then an something happening at a restaurant a block away from Miley’s place. I parked my car in the middle of the street, put on the hazard lights, jumped out of my car with my camera, left the car door open with my other camera and macbook inside. Everyone was already shooting, a lot of paparazzi getting a lot of nice frames and I jumped in the action. Miley, her boyfriend and her family were giving it up, letting everyone get as many pictures as we could take. Then when she was getting ready to get back into her car, and the rest of the paparazzi got into their cars to follow, someone gave her a puppy. I got great frames of her and the puppy, the winning picture of the day. I return to my car after more than ten minutes of just leaving there, everything was exactly the same except I caused some traffic.

Miley arrives

This is a year later when I was working for a different agency and doing exclusively the airport. It was June 7th, 2010 and Miley’s popularity was getting worse. Luckily, in that arrival there weren’t that many people there. I manage to get one good frame, don’t remember if I even made money that night.

video plus stillsJune 15 npg 2June 15 npg 3

This was a week later on June 15th, 2010 and I had the brilliant idea of taking pictures and video at the same time. Needless to say, they were both useless and made no money (video coming soon).

last miley September 21 NPG

Finally, here’s some more Miley at the airport with the boyfriend I last saw her with. This was on September 21st of 2010 and one of the last times I saw her. I saw her a bunch of times and I remember one had over 100 people in the airport for her. I made so much money that day, not because of Miley, but because Tom Cruise’s adopted son, Connor, was right behind her and not 1 out of the 100 paparazzi saw that, except me. For some reason, Connor Cruise is popular in Australia and I made more than $3,000 in the midst of a 100 paparazzi fighting for a picture of Miley not worth more than $500.

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