Who the Fuck is Lake Bell?

That’s exactly what I asked my boss when he told me to go to LAX to cover Lake Bell. I also asked him what kind of name is Lake Bell? He said that he had a hunch she would be famous sometime soon. And here I am 4 years later watching her go on The Daily Show with Jon Oliver (Jon Stewart out) to promote her new movie that she wrote, directed and starred in! I haven’t gone to the movies in forever, but now I’m excited for this movie by Lake, In a World…

She was caught completely off-guard by the flashes of the camera. I was with a co-worker that day. She asked us if we knew what we were doing and if we were confusing her with someone else.

lake bell flash 2lake bell flash 1

It was obviously the first time someone was taking her picture at the airport. She took a picture of us, hopefully she remembers me (doubt it)!

lake bell out 2lake bell out 1

These pictures were taken on April 4th, 2009. Lake was really nice and I hope she continues to be nice to the photographers that still do this nasty job since she’ll most likely go on to become more popular as time goes by.

Endnote (not related to Lake):

I’m aware I haven’t posted on my blog since half a year ago and I apologize for those who wanted to read more. I’ve been very busy, but seeing Lake Bell on The Daily Show inspired me to write this quick post.

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