• (Britney Spears) Skipping Ahead, Entry #3

    Celebrity Talk: Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Travis Barker and more…. The rest of my summer days in 2007 were filled by seeing a different celebrity every day. Sometimes they sent us on special mission or to a certain celebrity’s address to do a stake out. My memory is pretty vague from […]

  • (Victoria Beckham) Entry #2, May of 2007

    First month in the City of Angels, First video sold: After my first experience with a celebrity on my very first day of being in LA, I was ready to look for a job, though I had no idea where to begin. My brother had to go back to work as a paparazzo and he […]

  • (Ryan Phillippe) How it all started

    (Ryan Phillippe) How it all started

    I originally wanted to write a book with all my stories, but there’s way too many stories to be told and they are all disorganized in my head. I figured that creating a blog starting with the past and moving my way forward to the present would help me to write the book. It could […]