• (Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Patrick Dempsey, Nicole Richie) Entry #3.2 the rest of my summer of 2007

    Back to College The rest of my 2007 summer was all work and it went by fast. After proving to myself, my brother and my agency, that I was capable of doing celebrity videos and pictures they offered me a job to come back after I graduated college. My agency let me borrow their camera […]

  • (Hugh Jackman) My First Set of Exclusive Paparazzo Pictures, 3.1

    Is Wolverine gay? If you do the math… it makes sense. There’s a lot of rumors that Jackman is gay and there’s a reason the rumors exist, the man is a perfect specimen! He started his career in the gayest form of acting possible, musicals. He is extremely good looking and well groomed. His wife […]

  • (Britney Spears) Skipping Ahead, Entry #3

    Celebrity Talk: Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Travis Barker and more…. The rest of my summer days in 2007 were filled by seeing a different celebrity every day. Sometimes they sent us on special mission or to a certain celebrity’s address to do a stake out. My memory is pretty vague from […]

  • (Victoria Beckham) Entry #2, May of 2007

    First month in the City of Angels, First video sold: After my first experience with a celebrity on my very first day of being in LA, I was ready to look for a job, though I had no idea where to begin. My brother had to go back to work as a paparazzo and he […]

  • (Ryan Phillippe) How it all started

    (Ryan Phillippe) How it all started

    I originally wanted to write a book with all my stories, but there’s way too many stories to be told and they are all disorganized in my head. I figured that creating a blog starting with the past and moving my way forward to the present would help me to write the book. It could […]