• Success Makes Me Lazy. Classy Lady Crush = Julianne Moore

    Following the previous week’s success, this last week I even had more success and not only in freelance writing. I didn’t get printed four times in a row, but I rescued an article from dying and it got published in local source the SanDiegoRed and got one more print with my usual magazine, the San Diego […]

  • Got published a bit, played a show and more crushes! Vanessa Hudgens!

    It was a busy busy week after coming back from Los Angeles. I had to catch up with work, so Monday and Tuesday all I did was write. I also worked all of Wednesday, interviewed the Chun Kun lady (which is my next article) and at night I had band practice with DONKICHOW. Thursday was the […]

  • I Hate Los Angeles, I Love Audrina

    Sorry everyone. I have missed two Mondays in a row. The first Monday I didn’t post because after three years of not being in Los Angeles, I went back to be at one of my best friend’s wedding. The second Monday I missed was because I actually wrote a long post about the wedding, but my […]

  • Crazy Ass Weekend + The Douchiest of Douches = Javier Bardem

    This is getting posted on Monday right before midnight, at least I am complying with my deadline. Week three of my friend Drew visiting from college. Time went fast and I barely worked, but we did a lot of partying. This past weekend was one of the craziest I had. Friday was Noisefest in Tijuana and […]

  • On Hold and The Douchiness of Kanye West

    So… things aren’t going as great as they should be. Since I quit my job, I haven’t been published and no tours have happened (many emails, several cancellations). But everyone keeps posting “follow your dream” bullshit things on social media. We are supposedly a generation that does whatever we feel like and make a living out […]

  • Tijuana Adventure with College Housemate, Poker, Maybe Feature Story and Alanis Morissette

    Oops. I missed the Monday deadline. But hey, I was in San Diego all day enjoying the day and I wrote the blog post in my ipad. I just wasn’t home to publish it (and edit photos). Here it is: It’s been only a week since I quit my job. I should be working all […]

  • New post every Monday! Today = Adam Levine

    OHHHHH Yeaahhhhh!! I quit my job! It has been a really fast and weird year. My new years resolution to write more went nowhere, but like almost every year, I get shaken up more over my birthday than new years. I am almost thirty now (I turned 29 on May 16th). For that reason, I […]

  • I have been avoiding my computer…

    New years resolution was a fail. The idea was to write more than ever before, but I have been avoiding my computer like if it wasn’t working. I was going to post more frequently in this blog and on Tijuana Adventure about all the tours I’ve been having. At least the San Diego Reader keeps […]

  • My Entire Adult Life I have been in Magazines and Blogs: 2014 Year Summary.

    2015 is around the corner. My thirties are coming up soon. And I am still wondering what I am doing with my life. That’s what my life looked like on February 2011, a few months before quitting my job. That was the last month I had LAX duty and after that I relinquished to freelance […]

  • Axl Rose is not on my Top 10 – Axl Attacks at LAX

    Everyone that writes about celebrity gossip were not on the scene when things went down. Every once in a while, paparazzi will get a call from a tabloid reporter to get some details. I got one call asking me about Maggie Gyllenhaal, her daughter Ramona and her husband Peter Sarsgaard. The reporter asked me if […]