Woo Accepted! – On The Trolley OMW to a Cruise – Happy? Not Really

Yay! I got accepted for publication! Or so I think. I am getting paid, that’s what I know. When will I get published… Well… Time from now. Not sure how much. The story is pretty timeless, so there is no need to rush. Doubt much will change my to change the story. Not sure what could. But the future is always fucking weird.

I should be happy. And I am. But I didn’t run around the house celebrating this time. I guess I am getting more used to it. It’s like leveling up in the freelance work. This time I have a lot of work in mind instead of dwelling in a minor success.

Btw. I am on my way to a three hour party Holiday cruise right now. I am sitting on the trolly typing away non-sense. Crossing the border always makes me feel weird. Even when I was doing it daily it felt weird. I wonder if it will ever stop feeling weird. SENTRI makes it weirder. I mean, it’s fucking nice. I didn’t have to wait a single minute. But I feel bad for those who wait hours and I just go all the way to the front like “see yah fuckerssss wahoo (Toad Mariokart 64 noise).”

Besides blogging late last night, I did some research and drafted some queries. I have a couple of email drafts saved to send later. Learning how to pitch is something I should have done forever ago. But I am so shy at knocking on doors, even if those doors are virtual. A friend and photographer colleague chatted me up yesterday. He made me feel good about my work. I didn’t carry my camera today, though I always wish I have it with me. Cloudy days are some of the best days to shoot.

This is a chopper flying over the border.

Some friends have been asking me for pictures, so I might have some shoots (foh free) soon. I don’t mind. It’s still a hobby and I got much to learn and portfolio to build. And lenses and other gear to buy. My paparazzo portfolio counts for something, not sure what. But I will be doing more photoshoots soon. Hopefully this will translate to money in 2017.

It’s crazy to think that marihuana is completely legal all over California now. The first border state to Mexico that does it. I could be in the trolly right now with an ounce on me… And the cops wouldn’t be able to do shit. That blows my mind.

Oh yeah. Btw. Next article is about marihuana and how it will affect the border. I should have done the transcription by now, but I spent most the morning hitting refresh on my gmail. I also sent a story. But for the most part I was just waiting.

I’ll do the transcript tomorrow. And also finish the story. That is all I got for Thursday. Probably finish it all on Friday morning and send. Friday night I have plans with a friend. And it will be more work! Which is my article after that.

So I have my work for the week laid out in front of me. I barely will have time to branch out. But I shall.

Now Holiday cruise with the people of the office. I am wearing my pimp jacket. It’s a bit too peacocky. But it’s a nice warm jacket. Though right now it’s not cold, at night it probably will. And I will have a long and boring ride back to Tijuana.


Back from the cruise.

The cruise was awesome. Free drinks! Free food! And great food! Ohhh the meatsies were so good. Well the ham was okay. And the chicken was okay. But that roast beef was so good. The green beans were undercooked but alright. And the rice was nice. Bread was tasty as well.

I woke up feeling weird today. I wasted hours online. I haven’t done anything all day. I don’t want to do anything all day.

Yesterday was awesome. But for some reason. Just seeing how much better everyone does than me for simpler shit got me down. I wished I just had an office job. So much easier. So much fucking easier. Yes. Way longer hours. And way more work ethic. But it’s just simple. And robotic. I’m sure there is stress, and drama. But it’s just so much more money for work that you know you can deal with everyday. I mean… EVERYONE there had a life. A life in San Diego. And those are supposedly my equals. But nope. I’m just eating shit. Everyone else is doing awesome.

So yes. I would trade it all to just have a simple office job. Sometimes I feel dumb for saying that because people all around me see me as “having it easy,” but nahhhhhh. I would drop it all for just a boring ass fucking life.

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